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  SD series steel doors Kraft honeycomb core was firstly used in wings of aircrafts during the second world war due to its light weight. The highest strength-to-weight ratio compared to other core options gives structural...                         >>more ST series steel stiffened doors The steel stiffened doors includes the great features of the SD series door with the addition of 20 gage stiffeners running vertically the full length of the door. The void areas betweel....                                 >>more  
  TR series temperature rise doors The mineral board core gives the extra protection of 250-degree F temerature rise rating during the first 30 minutes of fire tests. This keeps the side of the door not exposed to fire relatively cool...                 >>more AD series acoustical doors AD series door is designed to meet general noise abatement applications. Two acoustical performance levels available, utilizing 16 gage steel panels for STC rating of 41 and 14 gage panel at STC...                             >>more  
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